Week 7: Footprints Activity 1

The 2 video’s were fairly similar to each other, an example of this is that they both said that there are records that track your information. Also that anybody can find out your information about things. 2 ways that these 2 video’s were different is because the 2nd video talks about your digital dossier, and the other one was about what a digital footprint is. I think that the video about the digital dossier was more informational so I liked that one better.

2 thoughts on “Week 7: Footprints Activity 1

  1. Hi, Ethan!
    A digital dossier and a digital footprint are really the same thing. What did you find interesting in the digital dossier video?

  2. From what I remember, the Digital Dossier was the better of the two in my opinion. This is because it ad provided a more relatable situation. How somebody grows up and then leaks more and more of their information. I am also in the Student Blogging Challenge, so check out my blog: https://haleyl2001.edublogs.org

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